Gift Bags for Couples: Vanessa & Steve’s Double Birthday

For Vancouver couple Vanessa (of and Steve, May 17 is a meaningful day for them because they share the same birthday. For the ten years they've been together, they've celebrated their special day together.They've spent their birthdays in Hawaii, in Cuba, in Argentina, and in Italy. They've celebrated with dinners in, dinners out, and dinners with family. Some years they buy gifts for each other, some years they share an experience, and some years they do nothing at all.
2021 is an extra special year for Steve and Vanessa because they are expanding their family from two and a pup, to adding a little baby boy into the mix. So what better time than now, than to start a new tradition of gift-giving? PLUS, this is also their first year celebrating their double birthday as a married couple too!

EverPresent Giving's starter pack is perfect for a family of four. Like all our hand-crafted gift bags, all four sizes are made with heavyweight linen-cotton, lined with hidden seams, thick ribbons in seasonal colours, and silver grommets to prevent fraying. Steve and Vanessa picked sage green ribbons and liner for all four sizes of their gift bags; they explain that the colour holds sentimental value for them as it matches the dominant colour from their wedding.

If you want to see what they exchanged for their birthday this year, they've written about their double birthday experience with EverPresent Giving on their Canadian lifestyle blog Modern Mix Vancouver: