Gift Bag Size Guide

Below are the details about the 7 sizes of fabric gift bags we carry at EverPresent Giving. Each size has an illustration, dimensions*, and common gifts that would fit within. Please reach out to with any questions, we are always happy to help! 

* Dimensions given are Height x Width x Depth measuring from the top down, including the ruffle.

6.5" x 5"

Jewelry, Soap, Gift Cards

7.5" x 9"

Candle, Soap, Socks, Jar of Jam, Watch, Cosmetics, Candy, 

7.5" x 11.5"

Wine, Scarves, Speciality Oils, Chocolate, Trendy Socks & Underwear, Mobile Phone, Large Coffee Mug, Taper Candles, Umbrella

10" x 14"

Stuffie, 2 Standard Paperback Books, Lingerie, Baby Board Books (approx 3), Picture Frames, Camera

12.75" x 17"

Wool Sweater, Hoody, Hardcover Recipe Books, Kitchen Gadgets, Smaller Lego Kits, Gardening Tools, Table Linens

15" x 20"

Basketball, Adult Shoes, Medium Lego Kits, Bedding,

19" x 32"

Big Trucks, Biggest Lego Boxes, board Games, Large Toys, Bulky Clothes (winter jacket)