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About Our Founder

Hi! I am Vesna the founder of EverPresent Giving. Vesna, like Cessna with a V!

This idea from a decade ago was born out of frustrating experiences wrapping ~ think Christmas Eve up late, 2 toddlers, wrapping odd shaped items and hosting 20 people for dinner the next day. Not to mention the accumulated stress from the holidays…

A cancer diagnosis forced me to slow down and in that time my mom, Elizabeth, taught me how to sew simple bags. I started using in my own home and also gift giving to others.

How it changed my gift giving is difficult to explain. It brought such a meaningful connection between myself and the person receiving the gift. The contribution to our environment was a huge added bonus AND it was so EASY.

I started the company because I wanted to share these amazing feelings with all you! I’ve since incorporated a gift-giving story tag. Our customers LOVE seeing where their bag has been and the story the accompanies it. It provides a connection where there was none before.

It is my hope that our EverPresent bags bring you joy and ease, knowing they are lovingly crafted to be a part of your gift giving.

About Our Beautiful Gift Bags

Our Story

The gift bag beautiful enough to be a present. Sure, wrinkled paper gift bags do the job, but an EverPresent bag allows you to be kind to the Earth and to your holiday stress levels without looking like you just sort of ran out of time. 

Each EverPresent bag is handcrafted with unfailing attention to detail. This means:

  • Confidently tie a bow with our carefully selected ribbon. 
  • The heavyweight Linen-Cotton outer comes in a variety of colours. We will always stock our Natural Linen, and Midnight Blue & Black because classic never goes out of style.
  • The squared-off bottom gives a polished look
  • Each bag is completely lined and neatly finished with hidden seams. 
  • Attached to the silver gift tag ring is a gift-giving story tag where you are able to write the name of the lucky recipient(s) and accompanying story. Collect beautiful stories over time.
  • Silver grommets add the final touch to ensure it can withstand years of use.

When the gift-giving excitement is over, simply fold it up and it is ready for many years of service (We apologize if discussions arise as to the rightful owner of the bag)!