Judy Burns

Canada’s Great Kitchen Party
Canadian Culinary Championships 

Canadian Culinary Championships is the Grand Finale for Canada’s Great Kitchen Party.

The event brings together some of the best chefs in Canada to compete for the honour of being crowned the Canadian Culinary Champion. Judges for the competition come from across the country as well, they represent some of the best palates and finest culinary minds in Canada. 

We began providing gift bags to our visiting chefs and judges a number of years ago. It is an opportunity to showcase a collection of local artisanal products from the Okanagan, British Columbia and Canada. We have featured Okanagan wine, chocolates, specialty food items, locally produced and authored cookbooks and everything in between. This year I was introduced to Vesna and her beautiful EverPresentGiving Bags. It was obvious her bags would be the perfect vehicle for our unique items, they would complete the ultimate gift for our special guests. 

The competition has evolved over the years. There is a strong emphasis by the competing chefs to create dishes using sustainable ingredients they have sourced locally from their region in Canada. To provide our special gifts in a sustainable giving bag seemed to complete the circle. 

We were proud to use the bags and our guests were surprised and excited to receive them. They are beautifully crafted and were a pleasure to give. I am very sure they will be regifted many times over. 

Judy Burns 
Event Chair for the Canadian Culinary Championships