Real Estate Closing Gifts: Terry Osti, Kelowna Realtor

Kelowna realtor Terry Osti relies on EverPresent Giving for custom branded bags to pair with wine that’s gifted as a realtor closing gift, when his clients buy or sell a home.

Real Estate Closing Gifts
Service-based business owners with clients know that it’s common for 80% of their business to come from 20% of their people. This loyalty is especially relevant for realtors, so much that it’s becoming a standard practise to provide real estate closing gifts for clients, in celebration of the buying or selling of a home. Last year, we had the pleasure of working with Terry Osti of ReMax, an established realtor who recently moved from Vancouver to the Okanagan. Speaking of the Okanagan, if there’s something we know very well here at EverPresent Giving HQ in Kelowna, it’s wine. At last count, there were 300+ wineries in the Central Okanagan, and we were thrilled when Terry came to us because he wanted to customize our fabric wine bag as part of a client gift to pair with (pun intended) a limited-edition custom branded wine by winemaker Frank Gigliotti of Cavallo Winery. Rumour has it, some people buy and sell with Terry, just to get the wine! ;)

In our opinion, Terry is a business gifting king, often putting together thoughtfully curated items and gifts with a story for his clients. He was previously gifting wine in a standard wine box, but noticed that his clients are becoming more eco-conscious and value re-using products that are not single use.

There’s where our EverPresent Giving wine bags come in. The wine may be single use for a special evening in, but EverPresent Giving gift bags are not!  When our heirloom quality, handcrafted gift bags are received by the gift recipient, they have the opportunity to “re-gift” the bag a hundred times over.  Each bag also comes with a story tag, that carries the gift-giving experiences with it: think of it like a chain letter, but for gift-giving adults. When the bag is passed along, the story of the gift, the wine, and the experience with Terry and his team will follow.

Now not everyone is in a position to custom brand their own wine, but don’t let that stop you. A thoughtfully chosen bottle of wine, paired with our luxurious wine gift bags will also do!  A few of our local wine favourites include: Summerhill Pyramid Winery (they offer Organic and biodynamic wine), Intrigue (known for their fun atmosphere), Niche (think sass) and Quails Gate (an elevated experience)
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Whether you are a realtor or in another client-based industry, a thoughtfully curated closing gift or thank you gift makes a big impact and goes a long way.  The next time you are looking for realtor gift ideas or a client appreciation gift, get in touch with us at for a custom quote and see how EverPresent Giving branded bags can be a part of your corporate gifting.