Reducing Holiday Stress: Stephanie Hayes

So I have a dirty little secret - I despise wrapping. 

I love the people in my life and I LOVE finding the perfect gift but I would rather do anything else (clean toilets? that's a bit of a stretch lol) before wrapping. Admittedly, I stooped to paying my daughter to wrap all my Christmas presents over the years. 

Also important to add is I am a mom of two and an entrepreneur so time like I suspect for many, is my currency. 

Enter...EverPresent Giving. Last Christmas I purchased a large number of bags and it was fantastic! Not only did the wrapping take a fraction of the time but those who received their gifts in one loved them. I did keep a sizeable stash of different sizes and colours for my own home. 

Now when there is any celebration, I can wrap it up in 1 minute flat. As well, feel great about not throwing away more wrapping paper. All you need is a bag and a pen. The tags that reflect its journey of gift giving is a nice touch and adds to the experience. 

Being mindful of our habits and how they affect the earth is something I have been changing over the years. It's like bringing your cloth grocery bags to the store, this is another one of those steps. Try it yourself and see!