HOLIDAY "Getter Done" Bundle x 10 Fabric Gift Bags

You are ready to step out of the shallow-end and commit! The joy! The relief! The fun! 

This package of 10 fabric gift bags has been designed to meet the needs of a small family. There are 3 Wine Bottle Gift Bags for those events that crop up last minute so you are always prepared! Don't skip a beat and order today.

1 JUMBO "The Big Truck" Lifesaver
2 LARGE "The Basketball" Bag
1 MEDIUM "The Wooly Sweater" Bag
2 Small "The Teddy Bear" Bag
3 XS "Wine Bags"
1 XXS "Jewelry" Bag

If you prefer to pick the colours let us know, otherwise we will provide a variation as shown in the photo.

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