HOLIDAY "Big Truck Lifesaver" Fabric Gift Bag (JUMBO)

JUMBO - 19” x 32”

Commonly Fits: Big Trucks, Large Lego Sets, Nerf Guns, Xbox, Computers

Our JUMBO bag fits all those really big gifts that use a mountain of wrapping paper and invariably have you shaking your head why..!? Every time. In fact, we can partially credit the start of the company to this situation. When you are waist deep in the ripped paper aftermath, trying to shove it all in the garbage...and it just doesn’t fit!

One Christmas tradition is to place ALL the gifts for a particular family member into a Jumbo Bag. They then have to feel for one gift at a time and try and guess what it is. Love it!

Consider this bag at Christmas time and feel great about it using for generations to come.

Each EverPresent bag is handcrafted with unfailing attention to detail and built to withstand hundreds of uses over a lifetime. Fully lined, square bottom, french seams, and grommets for the ribbon opening so that the bag can be used over a lifetime. 

Comes with a gift-giving story tag that allows the collection of its meaningful stories.

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