"Wine Bottle" Fabric Gift Bag

7.5" x 11.5"

Commonly Fits: Wine, scarf, specialty olive oils, chocolate, trendy socks & underwear, mobile phone, large coffee mug, taper candles, umbrella

Need a bunch? Save with our Wine Bundle

This bag, strategically, fits a wine bottle. It also holds a standard paperback book and a couple of pairs of socks. There is always room for chocolate.

The Blush Pink sets off a rosé exquisitely, while the depth of the Scarlet Red shows off any red to its true potential. Whites lend themselves to the Lime Green, crisp and clean. Tobacco is a true favourite for spirits, think whisky and also deep reds. Black & Cream is perfect for any elegant affair and never disappoints.

It comes with a gift-giving story tag that allows the collection of its meaningful stories.

Each EverPresent bag is handcrafted with unfailing attention to detail. Fully lined, square bottom, french seams, and grommets for the ribbon opening so that the bag can be used over a lifetime. 

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