The Starter Pack


Our starter pack is very popular among those wanting to take that first step of ditching wrapping paper and paper gift bags. Keep them handy in a common drawer or basket so they can be used for every occasion and used by everyone!

Each EverPresent Giving bag was made to withstand 100's of uses.  Anyone that can tie their shoes can wrap their gift independently and beautifully. When the gift is opened, simply fold it back up and store it with the other bags for next time. Help to protect the planet AND save yourself time in the process. It can be that simple!

Consider purchasing as a gift for a wedding, house warming, or a baby shower. All you young know the pain of forever wrapping, it is REAL! The custom embroidery adds a special touch -- and keeps them from growing legs and leaving the home.

Congratulations on starting your tradition ~we can't wait to hear your stories!

Each bag comes with 2 gift-giving story tags that allow the collection of its meaningful stories.

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