The Wine Bag Bundle


5 X-Small Wine Bags

The Wine Bundle is second in line to the Jumbo Bag for being a lifesaver. Having these on hand will bring you (and the receiver of the gift) joy. Guaranteed. Yes, we are willing to guarantee it.

It starts with needing a special bag for say...a teacher gift (you know they earn it in spades!) an important client, a significant birthday, anniversary, house warming, the list goes on. So instead of running around for a wine bag, you have them right there, right when you need them!

So far we have seen people becoming very attached to our bags. Try it and see! We’ve heard “I'm obsessed with the bag”...and “I get to keep the bag right…?” Share the reactions you get...and you got it...get on the list for a free bag draw.

Comes with a gift-giving story tag that allows the collection of its meaningful stories.

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